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Why Is My Car Sputtering - Downey Auto Repair

Unless your vehicle has obvious issues, you expect it to drive smoothly. Obviously, anything can wrong with any car, at any time. That’s just the nature of vehicles. When something does go wrong it can be very frustrating because you rely on your vehicle for so many things. One of the most frustrating car problems is a sputtering vehicle. If your car has been sputtering lately, then you understand. When you press the gas pedal, your vehicle just kind of ignores you. Sometimes it feels likes it’s going to just die right in the middle of the road. So, why does that happen when you give it gas, and can you do anything about it? Common Causes For starters, your sputtering could be a simple fuel problem. If your gas tank is low, your car will sputter. This is rare because most drivers usually know when they are low on fuel. But if you forget to look at your gas gauge then your car could end up sputtering. Unfortunately, that’s the only simple answer. T ... read more

Which Manufacturers Have the Best Auto Repair Warranty?

There are so many different brands and models of vehicles these days it’s hard to keep track of them all. Do you have a favorite? Many people prefer to buy from one manufacturer and just stick with it. It could be a Japanese automaker, like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, or Nissan. Others like American made vehicles from GM, Ford, or Chrysler. Maybe you like the German automakers like BMW, Audi, or Mercedes. With so many cars to choose from, your options are endless. So, which models do you think are the hottest right now? According to Cox Automotive, based on the most recent sales data the most popular automakers are Toyota, GM, and Hyundai/Kia. All these manufactures, and many others make quality vehicles. However, not every manufacture offers the same warranty. In fact, not all “bumper-to-bumper” warranties are the same. How Much Does a B2B Warranty Really ... read more

Is it Time to Get Your Wheels Aligned?

How scary would it be if the wheels of your vehicle suddenly wanted to go in four different directions? That sounds more like a theme park ride than a drive down the freeway. However, many people are driving around with wheels that are misaligned. In other words, they might want to go in different directions. But how is that even possible? Bad Wheel Alignment Causes Other Issues Thankfully, your wheels aren’t in charge of where you go. However, when your alignment is off, your vehicle does not travel like it should and your tires are going to be affected. Your wheels make your car, crossover, truck or SUV go in one direction. But if your wheels are poorly aligned you might not only lose control of your vehicle, but it can cause several other problems. Poor gas mileage and uneven or increased tire wear are just two possibilities. Signs Your Alignment Is Off How does your alignment get of ... read more

Should I Replace My Headlights Myself - Downey Mechanic

Does it bug you when you see another car driving with just one working headlight? What if that driver is you? Does your car have a bad headlight? If it does, then you should get it replaced. Driving with only one headlight can be dangerous because it can limit your vision. It can also make it harder for other drivers to see you. Even if you’re not concerned about the safety aspect, it might affect your wallet too. If an officer sees you, he or she could give you a ticket. It’s a good idea to check your headlights regularly. Even if they both work, they might not be as bright as they should be. As your headlamps get older, they start to dim. That means you can’t see as well at night. So, if your lights don’t seem as bright, or you have a busted bulb, replace your headlight to make nighttime travel safer. It might not seem like a big deal but changing a headlight can be difficult. And with some cars, it can seem almost impossible. In addition, some of the bulbs ... read more


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Never Ignore These Five Engine Noises

Never Ignore These Five Engine Noises - Downey Auto Repair Have you ever started your vehicle and it makes a weird noise you’ve never heard before? Or maybe you’ve been driving, and you suddenly hear an unusual sound coming from under the hood. Have you ever been stuck somewhere in traffic and your car begins to act like it’s even more frustrated with the crawling traffic than you? It’s usually not a good sign when your car makes strange noises. So don’t ignore them. It could be trying to warn you about something important.   Pay Attention to These Signs of Trouble When your car, truck, crossover, or SUV starts to make weird sounds from under the hood, it’s often a sign of engine trouble. It’s not always something big, but you can’t know for sure until you get it checked out. So, you shouldn’t ignore it. Many times, small things turn into big things, including major damage to your engine. I ... read more

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