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Why Is My Car Accelerating Poorly - Downey Auto Service

Why Is My Car Accelerating Poorly - Downey Auto Service No matter where you’re headed or how fast you drive, you expect a certain amount of power from your car when you press on the gas pedal. The right amount of power is important and not just for speed. Your safety also depends on it. For example, when you need to pass someone on the freeway, or you have to merge into fast-moving traffic, or you want to climb a steep hill, you need the right amount of power to do it. If you can’t accelerate properly, your safety might at risk. What about your car, has been having trouble accelerating?   How Your Car Accelerates For your motor to accelerate properly, it has to produce the necessary power. That means the right amount of air and fuel must be compressed and ignited in the combustion chamber. The exhaust heads outside through the tailpipe. When this process has an issue, your vehicle can’t fully accelerate.   Comm ... read more

Top Signs Your Air Cabin Filter Is Dirty - Downey Auto Repair

Top Signs Your Air Cabin Filter Is Dirty - Downey Auto Repair If you’re like most drivers, then you don’t give your cabin air filter much thought. As long as your car blows hot and cold air whenever you need it and it doesn’t smell bad, then why worry about it, right? For the most part, yes. But it’s not always that simple because even though you may not be able to see or smell anything wrong, there are things that can hurt you. Your air cabin filter doesn’t have a glamourous job. It has to filter out all the crud in the air, so you don’t breathe it in. But somebody has to do it, right? The cabin filter keeps those nasty particles from the outside, from getting into your vehicle and really, inside of you. It does its job very quietly without any fanfare and all the while, you never have to worry about it. But what happens when you start to notice something different inside your cabin? That’s when it’s time to check you ... read more

What’s Wrong with My Hybrid? Downey Auto Repair

What’s Wrong with My Hybrid? Downey Auto Repair If you drive a hybrid vehicle, then you already know all the advantages of driving a hybrid. Nowadays, there are a lot more hybrid vehicles on the road, in all makes and models. With more drivers discovering the benefits of driving a hybrid, these vehicles continue to increase in popularity. Hybrids have a lot of pluses and our customers who drive them love their hybrid vehicles. However, hybrids aren’t immune to wear and tear. They also wear down over time. But hybrids don’t always have the same kinds of issues as gas-powered vehicles. These are some of the most common problems that hybrid owners have with their vehicles, and what you should do if you need hybrid repair in Downey. Common Problems with Hybrid VehiclesBattery Issues – obviously, it all starts with the battery if you drive a hybrid. It is what makes your car a hybrid, after all. Hybrid batteries ... read more

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