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Monthly Archives: August 2023

Is Your Starter Dead – Downey Auto Repair

Is Your Starter Dead – Downey Auto Repair   Imagine you're all set to head out somewhere and suddenly, your car refuses to start. You hear a clicking sound, but the engine won't turn over. This frustrating scenario is a common sign of a dead starter. The starter is a crucial component in your vehicle's ignition system, responsible for initiating the engine's combustion process. When it fails, your car becomes immobile, leaving you stranded. Here are some of the signs of a bad starter and what you should do about them.   No Response when Turning the Key   One of the primary signs of a dead starter is a lack of response when you turn the ignition key. You may hear a series of clicking sounds or nothing at all. This happens because the starter is not receiving the electrical power it needs to engage the engine. Before assuming the starter is at fault, make sure your car's battery is fully charged and the connections are clean and tight. A wea ... read more

Downey Auto Repair - Why Does My Exhaust Smell Like Sulfur

Downey Auto Repair - Why Does My Exhaust Smell Like Sulfur   If you've noticed an unpleasant sulfur-like smell coming from your vehicle's exhaust, it's essential to pay attention to it. A foul-smelling exhaust is not only bothersome but can also be an indication of an underlying issue with your car. The presence of a sulfur smell is often associated with specific problems in the engine or emission control system.   Sulfur in the Fuel – One of the most common reasons for a sulfur-like smell in the exhaust is the presence of sulfur compounds in the fuel itself. Although modern gasoline and diesel fuels have low sulfur content due to stricter regulations, certain fuel blends or regional variations may still contain trace amounts of sulfur. When the fuel is burned in the engine, it produces sulfur dioxide, which is released through the exhaust system, resulting in the unpleasant smell. However, this reason is more common in ... read more

Downey Auto Repair - Signs Your Engine is Leaking Vacuum Pressure

Downey Auto Repair - Signs Your Engine is Leaking Vacuum Pressure   Your car's engine is a complex system that relies on various components working together to function efficiently. One essential aspect of engine operation is vacuum pressure. Vacuum pressure is the difference between the pressure inside the intake manifold and the atmospheric pressure. It plays a crucial role in regulating various systems, such as the fuel delivery, emission control, and power brake booster. When vacuum pressure is compromised due to leaks, it can lead to various performance issues and potential damage to your engine. In this blog, we will explore the signs that indicate your engine is leaking vacuum pressure and discuss why it is crucial to address these issues promptly.   Rough Idle – One of the primary indications of a vacuum leak is a rough or uneven idle. When the engine is idling, it should run smoothly, maintaining a consistent RPM (revol ... read more

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