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Should I Replace My Headlights Myself - Downey Mechanic

Does it bug you when you see another car driving with just one working headlight? What if that driver is you? Does your car have a bad headlight? If it does, then you should get it replaced. Driving with only one headlight can be dangerous because it can limit your vision. It can also make it harder for other drivers to see you. Even if you’re not concerned about the safety aspect, it might affect your wallet too. If an officer sees you, he or she could give you a ticket.

It’s a good idea to check your headlights regularly. Even if they both work, they might not be as bright as they should be. As your headlamps get older, they start to dim. That means you can’t see as well at night.

So, if your lights don’t seem as bright, or you have a busted bulb, replace your headlight to make nighttime travel safer. It might not seem like a big deal but changing a headlight can be difficult. And with some cars, it can seem almost impossible. In addition, some of the bulbs on newer vehicles are very expensive to replace. However, in most cases, most people can change a headlight on their car.

Change Both Lights Together

Here’s another good thing to remember when you change a headlight. If you are going to replace one broken bulb, you might as well just replace the other one at the same time. This ensures both bulbs shine equally bright. Plus, when one light goes out, it’s probably just a matter of time before the other one goes bad, too.

Which Type of Headlight Is Right for My Car?

There are countless styles, shapes, and sizes of headlights these days. Most newer vehicles come standard with halogen headlights. However, more and more new vehicles come with LEDs and Xenon/HID headlights. Halogen lights are bright and cost the least, so they are the most common. LEDs are bright and more energy efficient than halogen lights. They also usually last longer and run cooler, but they are more expensive.

The top option is Xenon/HID headlights. These are the cream of the crop. They last longer and run cooler than LEDs and they are the brightest of all the headlights. Those features come with a higher price tag, too, and they can be harder to replace on your own.

You Can Do it

Replacing your lights is something most people can do.  Just head to your local parts store and purchase or order what you need. The lights come with instructions, and you can also find helpful videos online. So, if you don’t want to take your vehicle into a shop, you can save some money by doing it yourself.

Need Help? Come See Us at Glenn’s Auto in Downey

However, if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, or you just don’t have the time to hassle with it, then feel free to contact us at Glenn’s Auto Service. We’ll get the right replacement light and get it taken care of for you.

With the many advances in the auto industry today, the truth is some headlights have become very sophisticated. So, don’t feel bad if you need help with your headlight. Just come see us at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey and our technicians will put your mind at ease.

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