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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Car Battery?

Have you had your car battery checked lately? Do you know how old your battery is? If you’re like a lot of other car owners, then chances are you haven’t given your battery much thought. In fact, most drivers don’t think about their battery unless it starts having issues, or they get stuck somewhere with a dead battery. That is not a fun experience, but if it happens to you, hopefully you can find someone nearby that can help give you a jumpstart. Or, even better, you can get your car battery checked to make sure it’s still holding a good charge. That definitely beats getting stuck somewhere away from home without any way to start your vehicle. This kind of scenario can out you in danger, so it’s better to simply try to avoid it altogether by paying closer attention to your battery’s health. There are even some things you can do to make your battery last longer. Car Battery Maintenance Tips So, how can you preserve your car batte ... read more

Why a Proper Tune-up Is So Important – Downey Auto Repair

When was the last time you your vehicle had a tune-up? It’s an easy thing to overlook. Life is so busy, and your car seems to be running fine, so why mess with a good thing, right? The problem is the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” is not the smartest move when it comes to your vehicle’s health. In fact, the best time to get a tune-up is when your car doesn’t have any major issues. Regular and proper tune-ups help your vehicle stay healthy and if there are issues, they can often be discovered during a routine tune-up. If you find the problem early enough, then you can avoid major repairs and major expenses. And that’s the best news anyone can get when it comes to car repairs. Best Reasons to Get Regular Tune-ups in Downey CA Having preventative maintenance do ... read more

Downey CA Subaru Timing Belt Repair and Maintenance

Has your Subaru been running smoothly lately? Have you had any preventative maintenance done in the last few months? How many miles does it have? Subarus are dependable and reliable. However, if your Subaru is getting along in years and has a lot of miles, then it could be time for some repairs or preventative maintenance, including a new timing belt. Replacing a timing belt is a big job, but if your vehicle has one, then at some point it will need to be replaced. The problem with timing belts is that you don’t really know how long they are going to last. The smartest thing to do is follow your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan. Typically, your timing belt should last for as long as the manufacturer states, and it can often go longer. But it can also need to be replaced sooner. The hard thing is, you can never tell for sure when it might snap. That’s why driving with an old timing belt ca ... read more

Why Is My Check Engine Light On – It Could Be the EGR Valve

Do you know that feeling of driving along and suddenly losing power in your vehicle? It still drives, but it just doesn’t have any umph. It’s kind of a sinking feeling, especially if you’re out somewhere far from home. Sometimes, this loss of power will trigger your check engine light. There are several issues that can trigger the check engine light, and a variety of issues that can cause you to lose full power. One of those reasons is a bad EGR valve. Signs Your EGR Valve Has Gone Bad Your exhaust gas recirculation valve (or EGR Valve) helps reduce emissions from your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. This valve reroutes some of engine exhaust gases back into the combustion chambers in the engine. So, here’s what to look for if your EGR valve has gone bad: The check engine light comes on Car stalls or idles roughly Engine puts of a fuel smell Burn through fuel more quickly Pinging, knocking, or tapping noises Failing your emissions test ... read more

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