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Never Ignore These Five Engine Noises

Never Ignore These Five Engine Noises - Downey Auto Repair

Have you ever started your vehicle and it makes a weird noise you’ve never heard before? Or maybe you’ve been driving, and you suddenly hear an unusual sound coming from under the hood. Have you ever been stuck somewhere in traffic and your car begins to act like it’s even more frustrated with the crawling traffic than you? It’s usually not a good sign when your car makes strange noises. So don’t ignore them. It could be trying to warn you about something important.


Pay Attention to These Signs of Trouble

When your car, truck, crossover, or SUV starts to make weird sounds from under the hood, it’s often a sign of engine trouble. It’s not always something big, but you can’t know for sure until you get it checked out. So, you shouldn’t ignore it. Many times, small things turn into big things, including major damage to your engine. If your engine does have a serious problem, then you need to get it taken care of ASAP. Here are some of the most common weird noises from under the hood of your car. If you hear any of them, you really shouldn’t wait to get your vehicle some immediate attention.

Clicking or Ticking – these annoying clicking or ticking sounds are often caused by tire rods and pistons, which are reciprocating parts. They can be caused by low oil, worn struts or fuel injectors, or bad pushrods. If you listen closely, you might be able to identify where the noises are coming from.

Acceleration Noise – whenever you accelerate your vehicle makes noise. That’s normal, but if it sounds off, or you don’t notice the same noise when you idle, your car could have a friction problem. Bring your car in as soon as you can if you hear abnormal noises during acceleration. You might have a larger issue that could lead to more damage and expensive repairs.

Knocking or Pinging – a problem with the ignition could cause knocks or pings, which could be coming from damaged spark plugs, a bad fuel injector, a bad fuel filter, or a bad distributor cap. Bring it into our Downey auto repair shop for the right diagnosis.

Popping – popping sounds can be serious, but they can also be very basic. You might be able to find the problem and take care of it on your own. But a thorough tune-up at a professional auto repair shop is best way to go. Our ASE certified technicians will most likely find the problem during the tune-up and take care of it.

Timing Chain Noise – your belts can make noise when they are worn or loose. So, if you hear a whining noise, it’s likely a belt, usually the timing belt. Your timing belt, or chain, connects to the camshaft and the crankshaft and when it’s installed correctly you won’t hear it. But when it gets loose or worn, you can hear the belt whipping around. If you hear your car make this noise then get your vehicle checked as soon as you can.


Schedule Your Downey Auto Repair Appointment Now

If your car, truck, crossover, or SUV is making any of these weird noises, or any other strange sounds, don’t wait to get it inspected. Most likely your car is trying to tell you that something is wrong. The sound won’t go away if you ignore it, but it might get worse. So please make an appointment with Glenn’s Auto Service as soon as you can to get your vehicle serviced. Otherwise, you might end up with a blown engine.

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