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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Why Is Your Vehicle Shake Every Time You Idle

Cars are built to run smoothly, whether you’re cruising down the freeway, or waiting at a stop light. Unfortunately, sometimes cars shake. Why does this happen? There are several possible reasons your car can start to shake. If your car shakes while you drive, it could be your shocks or tires. If your car shakes when you brake, your brake system probably has a problem. Another possibility is that your tires aren’t properly balanced, or your wheels are not aligned. The fact is cars can shake while you drive for several reasons. However, why does your car shake when you come to a stop or when it’s in park? Common Causes of Shaking It’s not always easy to know exactly why your car shakes when you stop because there are several possibilities. These are some of the most common causes, and what you should do about them. Try the Spark Plugs – the most common cause of engine shaking is bad spark plugs. Sparks plugs get dirty o ... read more


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Why Does My Vehicle Keep Pulling to One Side – Downey Auto Repair

Has your vehicle been pulling to one side lately? Maybe you feel like your car wants to go right when you want to go straight? Obviously, your car is supposed to travel in a straight line, unless you move the steering wheel in another direction. So, if your car wants to do its own thing, then it’s time to have a Downey auto mechanic check it out. When cars want to pull in one direction that’s not a good sign. And you don’t want to ignore it, because it could put your safety at risk and be a sign of a bigger problem. So, what causes your vehicle to want to pull to one side? There are several possible reasons. Common Causes of Pulling The first thing you need to do is determine when exactly does your vehicle pull? Does it happen all the time or just during acceleration? Do you feel it pull when you brake, and does it consistently pull to just one side? These are all important factors to help figure out why your car wants to pull to one side ... read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas – Downey Auto Repair

Our cars can make a lot of smells, including a gasoline smell. If your car is putting off the smell of gas and you’re not at gas station filling your tank, then something is probably wrong. So, why does your car smell like gas and what can you do to get rid of that smell? Most Common Reasons Your Car Smells Like Gas The first thing you need to do is find the source of the problem before you can stop it. There are several possible reasons that you keep getting a whiff of gas, but it usually takes a professional mechanic to determine the exact cause. In any case, if you smell gas, you should get it diagnosed and taken care of as soon as possible. These are some of the most common causes of that gas smell. Exposure to Gasoline – gas fumes can get into your vehicle from gas station pumps, or other vehicles, which is the most common reason you smell gas. All you have to do is simply roll down your window and let your car air out. If the smell ... read more

Best Tips to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

Are you lucky enough to own a new, or newer car? Buying a new car is a memorable experience and driving a brand-new vehicle off the lot is an exciting moment. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new car, which is why it’s so important to take care of the car you already have. If you don’t keep up on maintenance and your car breaks down, you’re going to be out some money one way or another. Either you have to pay to get it repaired or purchase a new vehicle. With new cars, and even many preowned vehicles, being so expensive, most people choose to get their cars repaired. But if you take care of your vehicle, then you can avoid many of those costly repairs. Is Your Car Maintenance Working? Here are some tips to keep your vehicle running better and lasting longer. Stick to a Schedule – every car comes with a maintenance calendar determined by the mileage. This calendar is not just a suggestion. You should foll ... read more

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