Helpful Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Spring – Downey Auto Repair

Spring is on the way, which means those chilly winter nights will soon be gone. However, those lower temperatures in Downey CA can negatively affect your vehicle. Plus, with the nicer weather on the way, chances are you’ll be traveling more. That means now is the right time to get your vehicle ready for spring and have some service done for your car, truck, crossover or SUV. Your vehicle might even need some auto repair in Downey CA. Is Your Vehicle Ready for Spring? – Downey CA Mechanic Getting your car ready for spring is easy with Glenn’s Auto Repair. Whether you drive a Honda, Toyota, Subaru, or any other make or model, you want to be sure your vehicle is ready for the upcoming season. Getting ready for spring driving is more than just washing and waxing your car. Here in Downey CA, spring means more sunshine, but you still want to be sure your vehicle is ready. Spring Car Care to ... read more

Why Is My Car Burning Oil? – Quality Downey Auto Repair

We all love our vehicles when they are running well and getting us wherever we need to be. However, like most things, your car, truck, crossover, or SUV wears down over time. The more you use it, the more wear and tear it’s going to get. Of course, all kinds of things can go wrong with your vehicle, including your engine burning through oil for no obvious reason. The most common cause for losing oil is a leak. When oil leaks it drips onto other parts of your vehicle, and when they’re hot you get that burning smell. But it if you don’t notice any signs of leak, including that burning smell? Why is your vehicle’s oil level getting low even though you don’t have an obvious leak? Sometimes, vehicles burn through oil, which leaves your levels low and hurts your overall engine performance. So, why does your car burn through oil? Older Vehicles Often Burn Oil The good news is if your car is newer, you most likely won’t have this problem ... read more

How Often Should You Change Your Antifreeze? Downey Auto Mechanic

When you live in California, you might not worry about your antifreeze too often. But it does get cold at night during the winter months and this fluid is very important to help protect your engine. Antifreeze also works as coolant because it helps keep your engine from overheating, whatever the temperature is outside. So, this fluid is important no matter what time of year it is. So just how vital is your antifreeze to your vehicle? For your car, truck, crossover, or SUV to run smoothly every part or fluid needs to be working correctly, including your antifreeze. If your cooling system fails, it could lead to engine failure. So, in other words, it’s very important to get your vehicle’s antifreeze/coolant changed regularly by an experienced Downey, CA auto mechanic, and to make sure it’s always topped off at the right level. Top Signs Your Antifreeze Needs Service If you haven’t had thi ... read more

Why Does My Car Die Without Warning?

Has your car been suddenly dying lately? You’re driving along and without warning the engine just stops running. It can be quite a shock, not to mention very frustrating. In some cases, it could be a real safety hazard when you’re driving in Downey CA. Has your vehicle been having trouble idling when you come to a stop? Maybe it sputters or chokes and then it goes dead. It’s a very unsettling feeling and no one wants to be in this situation. So, why does this happen? Your vehicle can stop running or have a hard time idling for several reasons. But there are two main reasons: either you have an issue with spark or with fuel. Two Most Common Reasons for Dying Engines – Downey Auto Repair Usually, when your car begins to sputter and then slowly dies, it’s because it has lost fuel pressure. The most common reason is simply running out of gas. However, if you have a full tank of fuel, and your car still dies, then there is more to it than a lack of gas ... read more

Is it Time for Some Preventative Maintenance – Downey Nissan Service

How long has it been since you had your Nissan vehicle serviced in Downey CA? If you’re like a lot of car owners, you probably don’t worry about having auto service unless something goes wrong. However, one of the best things you can do to help keep your vehicle healthy and prevent bigger problems is doing regular preventative maintenance in Downey CA where you’ll find top notch Nissan service at Glenn’s Auto Repair. Regular Downey CA Preventative Maintenance The truth is no one wants to spend money on auto repair and service. We would rather spend our hard-earned money on something more fun or exciting. So, how do you avoid those major repairs that keep your vehicle out of commission and cost you a small fortune? The simple answer is preventative maintenance in Downey CA. So, if you want your Nissan vehicle to last ... read more

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