Winterizing Your Vehicle in Downey CA

Winterizing Your Vehicle in Downey CA

If you live in the Downey area, you might not think that winterizing your vehicle is necessary. After all, it’s not like we get a bunch of rain and snow like other areas of the country. However, just because we enjoy a mild winter climate, that doesn’t mean your car, truck, crossover, or SUV couldn’t use a little extra attention as we head into the winter months. And if you need to drive somewhere that does have a harsher climate, you want your car to be ready.

These days, crazy weather can occur just about anywhere, from extreme heat to bitter cold. That whenever you venture out, you want to be ready for whatever road conditions you might run into. And even if you stay close to home and never have to drive in harsh winter weather, it’s still a good idea to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance, including getting it ready for winter.


How to Winterize Your Vehicle

There are numerous things you can do to winterize your vehicle. And remember, these things will help your vehicle no matter what kind of climate you drive in.

Tune-up Time – whether prepping for winter or any other driving season, one of the best ways to care for your vehicle is getting a tune-up. At Glenn’s Auto Service, we give your vehicle a comprehensive inspection. If we find anything wrong, we’ll fix it. From your battery and cooling system to your brakes, tires, belts, and hoses, we check everything.

Tire Health – speaking of tires, if you’re going to be driving in harsh conditions, then switching to winter tires is a smart move. Whether you need snow tires, studded tires, or winter tires, this is the right time to get them changed. And always be sure your tires are properly inflated, and your traction is good, no matter what type of tire you use.

Wipers still working – your windshield wipers can also be very important this time of year. Even though we don’t get a lot of rain, it only takes one bad storm with bad wipers to put you at risk. So, make sure your wipers are in good shape and working right. Make sure they’re clean, and if they’re worn out then don’t wait to replace them. Also, make sure you have enough washer fluid.

Preventative maintenance – there’s really no wrong time of the year to do preventative maintenance on your vehicle. It can help you find small issues that might get worse over time if not addressed. So, make sure you get your vehicle into see our Downey repair shop if it’s due for any kind of service.

Carry an emergency kit – last, but not least, always be prepared for the worst. Having a winter kit, or emergency kit in your vehicle wherever you go, is always a good idea. You just never know when you might need one, so it’s best to be ready for anything, especially an emergency. Carrying a little extra water, food, a blanket, and a flashlight, etc. can be a real lifesaver.


Glenn’s Will Help You Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Winter is almost here. If you haven’t done anything to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season, then don’t wait any longer. It’s time to get ready.

And if you need any help getting your vehicle prepped for winter then please contact us at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey, CA today. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your vehicle ready for any driving conditions. We’ve been helping the drivers of Downey since 1954, so we understand what it takes to keep your vehicles on the road.

No matter what type of auto service or repair you need, we have the knowledge and experience to do the job right, every time. We have the right tools for the job, and we do what it takes to keep your vehicle in top condition.

If you’re looking for the right service and repairs for your vehicle in Downey, then please call us at 562-359-4232 to schedule your next service. You can also schedule an appointment with us online by clicking here. We are your trusted Downey, CA auto repair shop for all services and repairs on all makes and models, including:


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