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Is there anything more frustrating than an oil leak? We’ve all been there. You pull your car out of the garage and there it is: a puddle of brown liquid just sitting there staining your floor. Or maybe you’re driving along and when you come to a stop you get that nasty smell of burning oil. That can only mean one thing: an oil leak.

Oil leaks can be very frustrating because it can be difficult to determine where they’re coming from. They can also be caused by several different parts wearing out. But no matter the cause or the location it’s best to not put off fixing an oil leak. Your oil is the lifeblood of your engine. If you run out of oil, your engine and all its parts will experience too much friction. That wears down your engine and eventually it will stop working. So, you should never delay fixing an oil leak.


Common Causes of Oil Leaks

There are a few possibilities that could be causing an oil leak. Let’s look at the most common causes and locations of oil leaks for most vehicles.

Gaskets and Oil Pan – the first place to look is the oil plan and gaskets. If the oil pan and gaskets get damaged, possibly by driving in rough road conditions, then oil can begin to leak. If your oil pan is damaged, or the gaskets are leaking, then you’ll need to get them replaced.

Rings and Valves – the next place to look are the valve seals and rings. Just like the pan and gaskets, if the seals and/or rings are damaged or simply worn out by use, your car can develop an oil leak. Sometimes, you might not be able to spot a leak because it’s so small. The oil might never make it to the ground. However, when you drive, the oil can leak more and spill onto other components, like the manifold, or get burnt up by the heat under the hood. That leads to that nasty smell of burnt oil. So, even if you can’t see any signs of a leak, that smell indicates you have a problem.

Bad Fittings – one other common cause of oil leaks is poor fitting on engine oil components. For example, if the oil pan and gaskets are too tight or unevenly tightened, that could cause a leak. Additionally, if your oil filter is not tight enough, oil can leak as it moves to the engine.


Trust the Experts at Glenn’s Auto Service for Oil Leaks

If your car, truck, crossover, or SUV us leaking oil, then it’s timed to address the problem. Oil leaks can get worse over time if left unattended. They can also lead to other, more significant problems. If your vehicle is leaking oil for any reason, then please bring it into Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey to get it repaired.

We’ll pinpoint the exact location and cause of the leak and get it fixed. Don’t let an oil leak set you back. Let us take care of it and put your mind at ease. Please call us at your earliest convenience. You can reach us at 562-359-4232 to schedule your next service. Or, you can also schedule an appointment online by clicking here. We are your trusted Downey, CA auto repair shop for all services and repairs on all makes and models, including:


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