Why Does My Car Vibrate?

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If you’ve ever had the chance to sit in a good massage chair, you know how relaxing that can be. If you have to spend a lot of time in your vehicle, then having a massage feature in your seta might sound like a good idea. But that might not be the safest way to drive, despite the soothing vibrations.

Massage chair vibrations are great, but if you feel your entire car vibrating, that’s not a good sign. In most cases, if your car vibrates, it needs some attention. Cars vibrate for several reasons, but the good news is most of them are typically not serious and they are generally simple to correct.


Top Causes of Vehicle Vibration

These are the most common causes of car vibrations.

Worn Tires – in many cases, the vibrations you feel can be found where the rubber meets the road, literally. Worn tires are the biggest culprit for vibrating cars. Worn out tires generally have uneven treadwear. They could also be improperly balanced. Either of these issues will likely cause your vehicle to vibrate. If your tires aren’t properly inflated, this could also cause your vehicle to vibrate. The fact is if your tires are bad for any reason, then expect some vibrations when you drive.

Wheels Need to Be realigned – another possible culprit are your wheels. If they are not properly aligned, your car will likely pull to one side, and it could also vibrate. Just take your hands off the wheel and see if it drifts. When you grab the wheel tight you might notice your car shaking or vibrating. If this is the problem, it can be fixed with a realignment, which is an easy fix.

But don’t put it off just because it’s easy. The problem will get worse if you ignore it, and it might cause more severe problems. And of course, driving with improper wheel alignment Is not safe.

The wheel itself could also be causing that vibrating feeling. From worn out wheel bearings to loose or improperly-torqued lug nuts, there are several wheel issues that can cause vibrations. To know for sure what’s causing the vibration, it’s best to bring it into our Downey Auto repair shop for a professional inspection.

Worn DriveshaftorBent Axles– another common cause of vibrations is a damaged driveshaft. If your driveshaft gets bent or damaged, that can cause your vehicle to vibrate and shake. Additionally, your axles could be the problem. Axles are usually durable, but they can become bent, which is going to cause your vehicle to ride rough. And the faster you drive, the more vibrations you are going to feel.

Warped Brake Rotors – if you feel the vibration when you apply the brakes, then your brake rotors are probably worn out. When the rotors get warped, bent, or damaged you will feel vibrations when you apply the brakes. That means it’s time to for a brake job.

Engine Troubles – vehicle vibrations usually are not caused by issues with the engine, but it is a possibility. There a few possible reasons for a shaky engine compartment, including a dirty or clogged fuel filter, pistons misfiring due to bad fuel/air mixture, worn out spark plugs, or too little air in the engine. The vibration is likely from the engine if you only feel it after driving a certain amount of time and only when you accelerate.


Eliminate the Vibrations at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey

We all like a good massage, but it’s best not to get it from your vehicle. If your car is vibrating, then please come see us at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey as soon as you can. We’ll pinpoint the problem and fix it. Please contact us for your next service or repair, no matter what your vehicle needs.

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