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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Car Battery?

Have you had your car battery checked lately? Do you know how old your battery is? If you’re like a lot of other car owners, then chances are you haven’t given your battery much thought. In fact, most drivers don’t think about their battery unless it starts having issues, or they get stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

That is not a fun experience, but if it happens to you, hopefully you can find someone nearby that can help give you a jumpstart. Or, even better, you can get your car battery checked to make sure it’s still holding a good charge. That definitely beats getting stuck somewhere away from home without any way to start your vehicle.

This kind of scenario can out you in danger, so it’s better to simply try to avoid it altogether by paying closer attention to your battery’s health. There are even some things you can do to make your battery last longer.

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

So, how can you preserve your car battery and help make it last longer? The first thing to do is simply check your battery regularly so you know what kind of condition it’s in. Like many vehicle parts, batteries tend to have an expected lifespan. So, keeping track of when you purchase a battery will give you an idea of how long it will likely last. Other than knowing your battery’s expected lifespan, here are some ways to maintain and care for your car battery.

Clean the Battery Cables – if your battery cables have any signs of corrosion, you can clean them with a nonmetallic brush and a baking soda and water solution. Just use cold water to clean off the baking soda solution. After you clean the cables, remove them, and give the posts a good inspection. Start with negative side, followed by the positive, and then clean the posts and the cable connections with the same solution.

Check the Charge Levels – this consists of checking the electrolyte levels, and the charge level of the battery. Your water and acid mixture might be low, which means you might need to add some more. You should also check for leaks or cracks and replace the battery if you find any. You can also measure the charge level by taking it to any auto repair shop or auto parts store.

Replace When Needed - If your battery is getting old and not working at full capacity then it’s probably time to replace. Just remove the cables from the old battery, pull it out, and replace it with the new one. Be sure to handle the old battery with care when you take it out and don’t drop it because it does contain battery acid. Then dispose of it properly. If you aren’t sure how to replace your battery, we can take care of it for you at Downey Auto repair shop.

Get the Right Battery from Glenn’s

It’s always smart to check your car battery’s health. No one wants to get stuck somewhere with a dead battery. So, make sure you don’t get stranded without a working vehicle by checking your battery’s health regularly. And if you know your battery is getting older then you should probably purchase a new one in the near future.

Not sure which battery is right? You can trust Glenn’s to get the right battery for your vehicle, for the right price. So come see us for a new battery in Downey today. And if your car, truck, crossover, or SUV needs any other type of auto repair or maintenance in Downey CA, you can trust Glenn’s to help you with that too.

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