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Aside from your engine, your transmission might be the next most important component of your car. With that in mind, how’s your transmission doing? Have you noticed any issues when it shifts gears? What about strange sounds or smells? Or perhaps your check engine light has come on recently. Another sign of transmission trouble is a fluid leak under your vehicle? If you don’t get your transmission serviced regularly, a lot can go wrong.

So, it’s important to figure out what’s wrong as soon as a transmission problem comes up. Otherwise, it might get really expensive to fix it. But if you catch it quickly, you could avoid a big problem and a costly repair. If you put it off, you might end up having to completely rebuild it or even worse, replace it. That repair costs thousands of dollars.

Signs of Transmission Issues

The good news is regular preventative maintenance, including transmission service, can help you avoid these kinds of problems. Additionally, it can also help you find any signs of trouble early on, before they turn into big problems. These are some of the most common signs of transmission trouble to watch out for.

Weird Sounds or Noises – unusual sounds or noises coming from your vehicle are one of the most common signs of transmission trouble. If you hear weird clunking, humming, or whining sounds, especially between shifting gears, get your transmission looked at as soon as possible.

Strange Smellsor Leaks – low or degraded transmission fluid can cause a bad smell from your engine. This happens because your engine gets hot and puts off the burning smell. Come see us at our Downey auto repair shop right away. Furthermore, if your transmission fluid is leaking somewhere, that’s not a good sign, either.

Faulty Gear Shifts – if your transmission is on the fritz, your vehicle will likely have trouble shifting gears. Here’s what to look for. You might get no response when your vehicle is supposed to change gears. Your car might not shift into a specific gear, or it might slip from one gear to another randomly when driving. These all indicate a problem with your transmission.

Check Engine Light – your check engine warning light can be triggered for a lot of reasons, including a bad transmission. If this happens, act fast. Get it diagnosed as quickly as possible. Something else might cause the light to come on, but only a proper inspection can tell you for sure why.

Shaking – your vehicle shaking when you shift gears is another sign of transmission troubles. When your vehicle shifts you don’t normally feel anything. Shifting should be a smooth operation. But if your vehicle shakes while it shifts gears your transmission is probably going bad.

Downey Transmission Service at Glenn’s Auto Repair

Your transmission is clearly a very important part of your vehicle’s smooth operation. Aside from the engine it’s usually the most expensive part to repair or replace, which is why you shouldn’t ignore any signs of trouble. If you act fast and get to any issues quickly enough, you can prevent them from turning into big problems and major repairs.

You don’t want to have to replace your transmission, so be sure to take care of it and do your part to keep it in the best shape you can. Regular fluid flushes and services will keep it in good condition, and your vehicle will continue operating smoothly.

If your transmission hasn’t been serviced in a while or you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, then please come see us in Downey. If you’re looking for the right service and repairs for your vehicle in Downey, then please call us at 562-359-4232 to schedule your next service. You can also schedule an appointment with us online by clicking here. We are your trusted Downey, CA auto repair shop for all services and repairs on all makes and models, including:

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