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Top Tips to Maintain Your Tires – Downey Auto Repair

Summer is in full swing, and things are opening up after COVID. That means you’ve probably been spending more time in your car lately, going to do things you haven’t been able to do in a while. That also means your tires are getting more use and more wear and tear.

In addition to more miles, drivers also face many everyday hazards on Downey roads. That’s why it’s so important for your tires to be in good shape. After all, proper tire maintenance plays a huge role in keeping you safe on the road, no matter what type of vehicle or make you drive. The following tips will help you get the most out of your tires.


Maintaining Your Tires Properly

1. Rotate Your Tires Often – One of the best ways to care for your tires is to rotate them regularly. Some say every 7,000 miles is okay, but in most cases, every 5,000 miles is recommended. Either way, having your tires rotated often will help them last longer and wear evenly. Addition, failing to rotate them regularly could void the warranty.

2. Put New Tires on the Rear Axle – It’s usually best to buy new tires in sets of four. However, if you do decide to buy just two, then it’s important to have the new ones put on the rear axle. This will help improve traction and give you better control of your vehicle.

3. Get Tire Pressure right – Tire pressure is another important factor. Always keep your vehicle’s tire pressure at the recommended level because driving with underinflated tires can be dangerous. Look on the sidewall of your tire, or the owner’s manual, for the proper level. You can also bring your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto Service to have us check it for you. You should check your tire pressure regularly, especially before a long trip. Inflate them to the right level, if the pressure is low, but don’t overinflate them.

4. Check Your Tire Tread – Your tire tread can tell you a lot, so pay attention to it. If you see uneven wear patterns or damage, then you might need to replace them. If the depth is low, then it might be time for a new set. All you need to measure your tread depth is a quarter. Put it upside down into the tire groove and if you can see above Washington’s head, then it’s time for some new tread.

5. Keep Your Wheels Aligned – Properly aligned wheels is also important for having long-lasting tires. If the alignment is off, uneven weight distribution will cause uneven tread wear. That means less life for your tires and less safe driving conditions.

6. Balance Your Tires – Properly aligned wheels go together with Balanced tires. So, in addition to rotating your tires regularly, keep them properly balanced. So you don’t forget, do it at the same you get your tires rotated. If your tires haven’t been rotated and balanced for a while, then now might be a good time for this service.


Trust Your Tires with Glenn’s Auto Service

Having healthy tires will go a long way in keeping you safe every time you hit the road. If you don’t take care of your tires, it could come back to haunt you and lead to a serious accident. So don’t take your tire maintenance lightly. Make sure they are safe. If it’s time for a tire rotation, then come see us at Glenn’s Auto Service. We’ll make sure your vehicle is as safe as it can possibly be.


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