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Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up

No one enjoys spending their hard-earned money on auto repairs. But unfortunately, when you own a vehicle, auto repair comes with the territory. Unless you trade in your car every 2-3 years for a new one, you are going to have to get your vehicle serviced regularly to keep it in top shape.

The good news is when you do take care of your vehicle, you can extend its life, durability, and value. The biggest problem many car owners have is waiting too long to get the necessary service and maintenance done. When you don’t stay on top of your auto service, it can end up leading to major repairs.


Save Money with Regular Tune-Ups in Downey

In fact, when you take care of your vehicle, most of the time you don’t ever end up needing any major repairs, especially if you get regular tune-ups. Getting regular tune-ups might seem like an added expense you could do without, but compared to a major repair, it’s totally worth it. When you see any sign of trouble, even if it’s minor, it’s better to act fast, instead of waiting for it to get worse and more expensive.


Know What to Look for

When should you get a tune-up? Here are some things to pay attention to that might be signs you need some service.

Startup Trouble – if your car, truck, or SUV isn’t firing up with ease, it’s very likely time for a tune-up. Your car uses numerous components to start, including the battery, the starter, alternator, spark plugs, and the timing belt. If any of these parts has an issue, your vehicle might not start. If your vehicle doesn’t start easily, then it’s time for a visit to Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey for a quality tune-up.

Knocking Sound – if your car makes any kind of knocking sound, that’s a sure sign something is wrong. If so, then don’t wait to come see our trusted mechanics at Glenn’s Auto Repair. Knocking sounds typically signal engine trouble. So don’t wait, because the problem will likely get much worse.

Vehicle Power Is Lagging – if your car, truck, crossover, or SUV doesn’t have the usual power, then a tune-up is in order. It could be something as a simple as dirty fuel filter, which is a simple repair. But waiting too long to get this fixed is never a good idea, as it can lead to worse problem and expensive repairs.

Declining Fuel Economy – if your fuel economy suddenly takes a dive for no obvious reason, then a tune-up is definitely a good idea. When vehicles burn through fuel faster than normal, there could be a bigger issue going on. Getting a tune-up can help diagnose the problem.

Rough Idling or Shut Down – if your vehicle has been idling rough, or having difficulty turning off, this is another sign a tune-up is in order.

Bad Exhaust Smell – cars can make bad smells. Some are nothing to worry about, but other smells can be a sign of trouble. If you smell something foul from your exhaust, for example, it could be a bad catalytic converter, or even worse, something wrong with your engine. Don’t’ wait to get a tune-up if your car is making a bad smell. It might help you avoid a much bigger problem.


Trusted Downey CA Auto Repair Service – Downey Mechanic

If your car, truck, crossover, or SUV needs a tune-up, then please give us a call today at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey. We’ll give your vehicle all the care and attention it needs. So please don’t delay your tune-up any longer. You can always trust Glenn’s for reliable and affordable Auto Repair in Downey.

At Glenn’s Auto Service, we have you covered for all types of auto repair and maintenance. Just give us a call at 562-359-4232 or click here to set up an appointment online.

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