Top Preventive Maintenance Services in Downey CA

When was the last time you had work done on your vehicle? Have you noticed any signs of trouble recently? Has your fuel mileage dropped? Maybe you’ve heard your car making some weird noises, or perhaps it doesn’t seem to have as much power as normal. If your vehicle is still running but it doesn’t seem 100 percent healthy, then it might be time for a little preventative maintenance.

Spend a Little Now or a Lot Later

If you’re like most people in Downey CA, then you don’t like to spend money on auto repairs. However, preventative maintenance is actually a great way to save money on auto repairs, not to mention it’s very important. The truth is spending a little money on small problems will save you a lot more money down the road.

Preventative maintenance is a lot less expensive than major repairs. So, even though you don’t want to throw away your money auto service, it’s worth it in the long-term. So here are the top preventative maintenance services to consider.

Check the Battery – inspect the battery to make sure it still holds a full. It’s a good idea to clean the contacts, as well, to make sure they are completely connected.

Brakes and Rotors – If it’s been a little while since you had your brakes checked or you’ve heard some screeching when you brake, it’s a good idea to get them looked at. And anytime you check your brakes, it’s a good idea to check your rotors at the same time.

  1. Change Your Oil –getting your oil changed regularly will improve your vehicle’s performance and help you save money over the long-term.
  2. Change Engine Air Filter – your air filter gets dirty over time, so it never hurts to take a quick peek and see how it looks. If it’s dirty replace it or come see us and we’ll replace it for you.
  3. Replace Your Spark Plugs – whenever you do preventative maintenance it’s a good idea to check your spark plugs. When plugs get old it can affect your engine’s performance. If your plugs get dirty or worn out your engine has to work harder, which will cost you more money. If it’s been a while since you had them changed, then you should have this service done.
  4. Replace Cabin Air Filter – your engine air filter is not the only filter that gets dirty. Your cabin air filter collects a lot of dust and debris, as well. It won’t really affect your car’s performance but having a clean cabin air filter will make driving time a lot nicer.
  5. Check Your Belts – It’s always very extremely important to get your belts checked regularly to make sure they’re running smoothly. Worn out belts lead to bad performance and sometimes very expensive repairs. So, get your belts checked, and change them if they are worn out.
  6. Check Other Fluids – never forget about the rest of your fluids, as they are all very important. You should regularly check your brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid, to ensure they are clean and at the proper levels.

Regular Maintenance is the Key

At Glenn’s Auto Repair, we know how important your vehicle is. Whether you use it to get to work every day, or you act as a family chauffer getting everyone where they need to be, you depend on your vehicle every day. You can’t afford to have it break down.

That’s why Glenn’s Auto Repair is here for you whenever you need preventative maintenance. For example, we offer oil changes, fluid checks, coolant and brake fluid flushes, and much, much more.

If you need of any other kind of maintenance or repairs, our ASE certified technicians will diagnose and repair the problem. Please give us a call at 562-359-4232 or click here to make an appointment online. Contact us today to get experienced, trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable auto repair service in Downey, CA. Every time!

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