Safety First - Check Your Lights and Wipers - Downey Auto Repair

Safety First - Check Your Lights and Wipers - Downey Auto Repair

We’ve hit our “cold” season here in the Downey area. Although, we might not face the rough winter driving conditions as some other parts of the country, we still need to be prepared for whatever winter might throw at us, especially if you have any road trips planned on your calendar. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend too much time in any frigid areas. But one way to help prevent that is to get your vehicle ready for season.

This is a good time of year to take care of several important maintenance services, including a coolant flush. Now is a good time to make sure your battery, tires, brakes, and transmission are also in good working condition. But the checklist doesn’t stop there. There are some other important things that might not come immediately come to mind: your lights and wipers.


Safe Auto Repair in Downey

Lights and wipers may not carry as much weight as your engine or transmission, or your brakes and tires, but they’re still very important for your overall safety.

Let Your Light Shine – obviously, driving without lights at night is not a good idea. In fact, it’s very dangerous. During this time of year, we have a lot less daylight. Whether you leave early in the morning, come home late, or both, you need your lights to help you see where you’re going. Your lights also help other drivers see you.

So, it goes without say that all of your vehicle’s lights need to be working 100 percent. It’s a good idea to inspect your lights regularly, which includes looking at your headlights, high-beams, brake lights, taillights, blinkers, and fog lights if you have them. That’s a lot to remember, but make sure you don’t miss any of them. When you see clearly and others see you, you’ll be much safer on the road.

Keep Your Windshield Clear – your wiper blades are also important during this time of the year, even though we don’t get that much rain. All it takes is one surprise storm with bad wipers and you could be in trouble. The last thing you want to do is caught in a rainstorm with bad wipers. It’s best to be ready for the unexpected. So, if it’s been while, since your wiper blades were changed, then now could be a good time to replace them.


Winter Auto Care in Downey

Winter is a unique driving season, so we have to be ready for whatever mother nature brings, especially if you like to go off eh beaten path, so to speak. That’s why it’ so important to get your car, truck, crossover, or SUV ready for whatever life offers.

At Glenn’s Auto Service, we are your car care specialist in Downey, CA. We take care of all your auto service and maintenance needs. And our ASE certified technicians do it the right way at an affordable price. So, if you need any auto repair or service this winter, please come see us at Glenn’s Auto Repair.

If you’re looking for the right service and repairs for your vehicle in Downey, then please call us at 562-359-4232 to schedule your next service. You can also schedule an appointment with us online by clicking here. We are your trusted Downey, CA auto repair shop for all services and repairs on all makes and models, including:


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