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Have you noticed your car burning through oil lately? There’s no sign of any leaks and you don’t smell burning oil from under the hood, but your gauge still shows that your vehicle is running low on oil. So why are you going through oil so fast. Sometimes, vehicles, especially older models, burn oil, which leaves your levels low. That can be very bad for your overall engine performance and can end up damaging your motor beyond repair.

Burning Oil Is More Common with Older Vehicles

In most cases, burning oil is not a problem for newer vehicles. It’s much more common for older cars to burn oil than new ones. However, new cars can burn oil, as well. So, no matter the age of your vehicle, if you think it might be burning oil, then don’t wait to get it inspected. If you’ve seen an unexplainable drop in your oil level, with no visible signs of a leak, it’s very likely your engine is burning oil.

What Are the Warning Signs to Look for?

Another sign you might be burning oil, is the color of your vehicle’s exhaust. So, pay attention to your exhaust when you start your vehicle. If it looks blue at startup or when you accelerate quickly after a stop, that’s a good sign you are burning oil.

Why Do Cars Burn Oil?

There are several reasons your vehicle could be burning oil. The two most likely causes are the oil bypassing the piston rings or it’s leaking past the valve seals. When either of these things happens, the leaking oil can burn during combustion. That’s what causes that blue smoke color from your exhaust. Over time, as valve seals get old and wear down, the oil can leak into the combustion chamber, causing it to burn.

If you think your car, truck, crossover, or SUV is burning oil, the best thing to do is bring it to Glenn’s Auto Service and let our experts check it out. We’ll inspect your oil levels, the valve seals, piston rings, and anything else that could be leaking under the hood.

These repairs can be expensive and take some time, but if you wait too long to get the issue resolved, you might end up burning up your engine out completely. Obviously, that costs a lot more to repair or replace.

Time to Check Out That Burning Oil Problem

The bottom line is if your car is burning oil, it’s time to get into a repair shop. Some burning oil causes are more severe than others, so it’s best to get it checked out right away. If you think your vehicle is burning oil for any reason, then see us at Glenn’s Auto Repair in Downey. Don’t ignore the problem, or you might end up with even more significant repairs down the road. So, bring your vehicle to Glenn’s Auto Service, and we’ll get it back on the road running smoothly again.

If you need any other kind of maintenance or repairs, our ASE-certified technicians will diagnose and repair the problem. Please call us at 562-359-4232 or click here to make an appointment online. Make sure your vehicle is running at full speed and keep your car completely healthy. You won’t be disappointed with your service at Glenn’s Auto Repair.

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