Is it Time for Brakes in Downey CA?

Have you noticed screeching from your brakes lately? Do they feel a little soft when you try stopping? Does your vehicle roll to a stop instead of braking right when you want to? These are all signs that your brakes need service. Getting brakes replaced in Downey is easy at Glenn’s Auto Shop. We get the job done right and we get you back on the road quickly.

Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Job – Brakes Downey

Your brakes are vital to safely operate your vehicle, so if you notice any problems, you should get them checked as soon as possible. There are several signs to look for if you’re not sure your vehicle is due for a brake service. Here’s what to watch, or listen, for.

Screeching Sounds – In most cases, you’ll realize something needs some attention when you start to hear an unusual noise. It’s typically a loud screeching sound that you can’t miss. This could just be brake dust built up on your brake pads. But more than likely, it means your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. Your brakes can also make a clicking noise when your pads start to get lose form their housing, which is another sign they need service.

Slow Stopping – As mentioned earlier, if your vehicle rolls to a stop, instead of stopping immediately, that’s a sure sign your pads are worn. If you’ve noticed this with your car, truck, or SUV then you should get your brakes checked. The problem will only get worse, so be sure you don’t put this off. If you need to stop suddenly, you want your brakes to be able to perform right.

Your Cars Pulls to One Side – You might not realize it, but your brake pads don’t always wear evenly. When that happens, the front of your vehicle can pull to one side or the other when you brake. If you’ve noticed this, please don’t wait to get it serviced. If the problem persists it can end up damaging your steering rack.

You Feel Vibrations – there are “good vibrations’ and there are bad vibrations. If your brake pedal vibrates when you press it, these are not the kind of good vibrations the Beach Boys were talking about. A vibrating brake pedal means it’s time to get your brake system checked out to make sure everything is in working order. You will most likely need new brake pads.

Brake Repair at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey, CA

Let’s face it, your brakes are a vital part of your safety every time you drive. Putting off some auto repairs is possible, but your brakes shouldn’t be one of them. If it’s been a while since you had your brakes serviced, or you’ve noticed any of the normal signs of wear and tear, then now is the time to get them checked out.

Our ASE certified technicians get you in and out quickly and get you back on the road safely. If you need brakes in Downey, then please come see us at Glenn’s Auto Service today. Properly working brakes are vital to your safety, so please don’t ignore this important service.

Just click here to schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 562-359-4232, for your next brake service in Downey.

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