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Downey Auto Repair - Why is One of My lights Not Working?

Remember what headlights used to be like? They were pretty basic, and they almost never drew anyone’s attention. They sat in the front grill, and they didn’t look fancy, or do anything special. You could say the same thing for taillights, brake lights, and blinkers. Their job was to make it possible for you to see and for others to see you.

New Wave of Lights

Well, that was then, and this is now. And times have definitely changed when it comes to the lights on your vehicle. Now they light up in several different ways, and lights have become a huge part of the overall car design. They come in dozens of shapes and sizes and manufacturers use them to make cars look more sophisticated.

Lighting on this current generation of vehicles has way more to offer compared to lights in the past. But with all the fancy bells and whistles, they’re also a lot more complicated to replace or fix.

Don’t Wait to Fix it

However, if a light quits working you need to take care of it. It’s not safe to drive with lights that don’t work, not to mention it’s illegal. So, if you have a bad light get it fixed. If you can’t change it yourself, bring it into our Downey auto repair shop.

Why Do Lights Quit Working?

You use all your lights a lot. But you probably don’t give them much thought unless they stop working. So, what causes your vehicle’s lights to quit working?

Bad Bulb or Socket – like any other light bulb, bulbs on your vehicle wear out and stop working. In many cases, you just need to change the bulb. May owner’s manuals include directions. You might also have to change the bulb socket if it goes bad, for your lights to work correctly.

Damaged Fuse – you could also have a bad fuse, or an issue with your wiring. This is typical when your brake lights work but your taillights don’t. Your fuses can also wear out and when one finally burns out, you will lose power to the system it supplied electricity to. If a fuse blows, you can replace it. Locate the fuse box, remove the damaged fuse, and install the new one.

Bad Wiring – your lights could also quit working if you have any wiring issues in your electrical system. Your owner’s manual can help you pinpoint an issue with wiring. But in most cases, it’s better to contact our team and have one of our ASE certified technicians take a look.

Busted Sensor or Control Switch – another cause can be a problem with a computerized sensor. If a sensor goes bad, the computer can no longer communicate with it and your lights won’t work. One other possibility is the control switch that engages the taillights.

Make Sure All Your Lights Are Working Right

When one of your vehicle’s lights quits working, it can become a safety issue. It could impede your vision or prevent other drivers from seeing you. So, if you have a lighting issue with your vehicle, then get it checked out as soon as you can. If you’re not sure how to correct the problem, please come see us at our Downey auto repair shop.

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