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Downey Auto Repair - Why Is My Vehicle Making That Noise?

Downey Auto Repair - Why Is My Vehicle Making That Noise?

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why is my car making that noise?” You’re not alone. Cars make all types of noises, many of which are totally normal. But what about one of those weird noises you’ve never heard before? What is that noise and why is your vehicle making it? And the next question, how do you make it stop?

First off, not all weird noises are signs of big trouble. However, some of those strange sounds are warning signs that something is wrong. So, the bottom line is you shouldn’t ignore any weird sound from your car because it might be trying to tell you something.


Common Auto Noises and What They Mean

Cars make too many noises to list them all, but here are some of the most common “strange” or “annoying” sounds your vehicle might make.

Engine Noises – engines make noise. That’s a given, but when they make the wrong sound, you need to take notice. Whatever the noise is if it’s not normal, you should get it checked out by a Downey mechanic. Don’t ignore it and end up with a ruined engine.

Tire Noises – tires make a lot of noises, including humming or squealing. Humming is standard for tires, but if the humming gets really loud, something is probably wrong. Uneven treadwear is usually the culprit. Rotating your tires regularly helps prevent uneven treadwear. Squealing from your tires usually means one of your tires is underinflated. Adding air will usually correct that problem.

Rattling Noises – your car can make ratting sounds, which could be caused by multiple sources, but rattling sounds usually indicate something is loose. It’s typically caused by a piece of metal or plastic banging up against something. But if you hear something rattling, it’s best to bring it in to make sure where you know where its coming from and put a stop to it.

Squeaking Noises – brakes are usually the culprit when it comes to squeaking sounds. As brake pads wear down the metal wear indicator gets rubbed, and you hear squeaking. New brake pads will usually do the trick. But always go with quality pads because cheap ones might squeak even worse, despite being brand new.

Grinding Noises – sometimes brakes also make grinding noises, which means your brake pads might be completely shot. This needs to be attended to right immediately. If you ignore it, your ability to brake safely will be lost and it will also damage your rotors.

Steering Noise – if something is wrong with your steering system, then it will usually make a weird noise whenever you turn the steering wheel. To pinpoint exactly what’s causing the noise, you need to bring it in for a full inspection.


Glenn’s Automotive Gets Rid of Those Annoying Car Noises

If your car is making weird noises and you’re not sure why or how to make it stop, then please come see us at Glenn’s Automotive. Remember, noises aren’t just a nuisance. They could be a signal that something is about to go wrong, or even worse they could be a sign of trouble.

So, if your car is making a noise that doesn’t seem right, don’t wait to have us check it out. That little noise could be your vehicle’s way of telling you it needs something repaired as soon as possible. It’s best to get it taken care of right away, so you whatever the problem is, it doesn’t get worse.

Bring your car, truck, crossover, or SUV into Glenn’s Automotive and we’ll find that weird noise and fix it.

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