Downey Auto Repair - Why Does My Car’s AC Blow Stinky Air

Downey Auto Repair - Why Does My Car’s AC Blow Stinky Air


There are not too many odors as pleasing at that new car smell. Why can’t that smell last forever? On the other hand, it can’t get much worse than when your vehicle starts smelling bad. The bad smells can come from the engine or the exhaust, or it could simply be a matter of cleanliness. That unfinished taco in the backseat from last month could be the culprit.


Other times, your car smells just fine. That is until you turn on the AC. It really stinks to have all that cool air ruined by a bad smell. So why do bad smells come from your AC, anyway?


Most Common Reasons for Air Conditioning Smells


If your air conditioning is putting off bad smells, then something is wrong. Here are the most common reasons for a stinky AC.


Gas Leak – if the bad odor smells like gas, you could have a gas leak. This can happen when gas fumes get sucked into the fresh air when your AC turns on. To prevent this, you must locate the leak and repair it. Gas leaks can happen in a few different places, so you might have to look in several places.


Dirty Air Filters – old air filters, or filters that aren’t cleaned properly, can create a bad smell. The built-up muck can create a stinky smell whenever the AC turns on. Fortunately, you can easily resolve this. You just need to clean or replace your air filter and housing. Staying up to date on this maintenance should prevent the bad smells from blowing out your AC.


Bacteria or Mold – sometimes stinky things come from something in your air vents. Mold or some other kind of bacteria can grow inside your car’s vents and create a horrible smell. If there is something growing in your air vents, you need to find the AC drain tube and make sure it’s not clogged. You might also need to inject anti-bacterial solution into the AC case. This kills any bacteria that might be growing behind the dashboard panel.


Antifreeze – antifreeze can also cause a smelly air conditioning system. If it’s antifreeze, it will smell kind of sweet, but it’s not a good smell. It’s actually coming from toxic liquid ethylene glycol, which can be very bad for your health. So, if you smell antifreeze in your AC, there could be a leak in your cooling system. If so, then you need to get your cooling system checked for leaks and get them repaired.


Keep Your AC Cool with Help from Glenn’s Auto Repair


It’s summer, and you know how much the temperature is about to go up. You can’t drive without AC in Downey in the summer. But if your air conditioning stinks, it’s not much better. So, if your AC system is blowing bad air, don’t wait to get it checked out. Now is the time to bring your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto Service. If you need help preparing for the hot summer driving conditions, then come see us. We’ll get your car blowing cool, clean air again.


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