Does Your Vehicle Have A Leak?

Does Your Vehicle Have a Leak? – Downey Auto Repair

What’s that funny looking stain on your driveway? Perhaps you have a puddle of liquid in your garage, or you’ve noticed some bad smells coming from under the hood of your vehicle. If any if this sounds familiar, you might have some kind of fluid leak.

Not all fluid leaks are the same and some are worse than others. Some puddles are completely innocent, like water condensation after you’ve run your air conditioner. But there are other fluid leaks you should pay close attention to. Some leaks can be sign of a serious problem, or perhaps a warning sign that a serious issue is coming.

Types of Vehicle Fluids

Cars are full of fluids and sometimes, things wear out or break down and these fluids leak out. When that happens the first sign is usually a puddle under your vehicle. Here are the fluids you should be aware of and how to differentiate between them:

  • Engine oil is typically light brown to black
  • Coolant can be several colors, including green, yellow, orange, or pink and it’s usually slimy
  • Brake fluid is usually a clear to light brown color and is very slick
  • Power steering fluid is reddish or light brown and thin
  • Transmission fluid is also reddish and thin, but can also be thick and brown
  • Water is thin and clear

Recognizing Signs of Trouble

Fluid leaks don’t always indicate you have a major issue but generally if you have a leak, you should get it repaired as quickly as possible, so you don’t end up with expensive repairs later. Here’s what to look for. There are three important factors regarding leaks that you need to pay attention to: color, location and consistency.

  • Color is always the first thing to pay attention to. The color of the liquid will help you identify what type of leak you have. For example, if you find a puddle that is light brown and slick it’s probably brake fluid. If so, don’t wait to get your vehicle inspected right away.
  • Location is the next thing to look for, but it is always the hardest factor to determine. Finding the source of a leak can be very difficult and time-consuming. You could place some cardboard under your vehicle so you can see where the puddle is forming. However, where a leak starts and where it ends up is often very different. So, if you can’t find the source, please bring your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto Service.
  • Next up is the consistency of the leaking fluid. Fluids tend to be thinner and lighter in color when they are new. Usually, when they turn thick or dark, there is something wrong.

Keep an Eye on Your Vehicle Reservoirs

As previously mentioned, it’s hard to figure out exactly where a leak is coming from because fluid leaks are almost always runny. One thing that can help is to check your fluid reservoirs. When something is leaking you will notice that the reservoir is lower than normal. That’s a great way to at least tell what kind of liquid it is. And it might help you find where it’s coming from, too.

Trust Glenn’s Auto Service to Repair Your Leaks

In any case, if you think you have a leak then be smart and bring your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey. It could be something minor, but if you don’t get it resolved, it’s only going to get worse.

If you think your car, truck, crossover, or SUV has a leak, then schedule an appointment with us today. Fluid leaks can be a problem by themselves, or even worse, a sign of a larger problem. And they might end up causing greater damage and much more expensive repairs.

So, if your vehicle has a leak, or even if you think it might have a leak, then schedule your appointment with Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey CA today. Just call us at 562-359-4232, or you can schedule your appointment online by clicking here.

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