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Does Your Vehicle Have a Hard Time Starting?

Does Your Vehicle Have a Hard Time Starting?

Have you ever been ready to drive somewhere but your vehicle won’t start? That’s a frustrating feeling. It’s even worse when you’re in a hurry and you don’t have any other way to get where you’re going. Not only are you stuck, but you also have to figure out how you’re going to get your car to at a Downey auto repair shop to be repaired. That’s an experience no one enjoys.


Common Reasons Your Car Won’t Start


So why do cars seem to suddenly have problems starting? Sometimes, there are no warning signs, but the truth is there are often signs of trouble, but you just don’t see them. In any case, if your car is having a hard time starting or you have seen some warning signs, here are some of the most common starting problems to be aware of. Some can be easily fixed, while others require larger repairs.


  • Check Your Lights – if you leave your lights on, your battery is going to wear out. It’s happened to just about everyone at least once, but this is one of the easiest problems to fix. If you forget to turn off your lights, they slowly drain your battery and if they’re left on too long, the battery dies, and your car won’t start. If you have some jumper cables handy, give it a jump and that should solve the problem.


  • What About the Battery – speaking of batteries, your car might not start because the battery itself is worn out, not because you left the lights on. A worn-down battery might not have enough strength to turn your engine over. So, if you didn’t leave your lights on, but the engine won’t turn, it might be time for a new battery. You can bring your vehicle into our Downey auto repair shop, and we’ll check your battery to see how old it is and how well it holds a charge.


  • Weather Factors – the weather can also be a factor in how well your vehicle starts. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can make it difficult for your car to start. Extreme heat or severe cold can drain your battery, especially if you drive an older vehicle.


  • Starter/Alternator – if none of the above problems exist, your car might have a problem with the starter or alternator. These are more serious than an issue with the battery, so it’s good idea to get your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto as soon as you can. You can’t ignore a bad starter or alternator and it is a more in-depth repair. But when you bring your vehicle in to our Downey Auto Repair shop, our ASE certified technicians will get your vehicle starting up again in no time.


Get Your Vehicle Running Again at Glenn’s Auto Service


If your car, truck, crossover, or SUV won’t start and you can’t take care of the problem yourself, please come see us. We’ll figure out why it won’t start and take care of the problem. You’ll be back on the road in no time. You rely on your vehicle for so many things so we always do our best to get it back to you as quickly and safely as we can.


Please give us a call at 562-359-4232 if your vehicle won’t to start, or for any other repair or service you need. You can also schedule an appointment with us online by clicking here. We are your trusted Downey, CA auto repair shop for all services and repairs on all makes and models, including:


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