Does Your Engine Have an Oil Leak - Auto Repair in Downey

Does Your Engine Have an Oil Leak - Auto Repair in Downey

Have you notice a leak coming from your car recently? That’s an unsettling feeling. No one wants to find a puddle of something under their vehicle. Cars do leak from time to time, but they aren’t really supposed to. The good news is some leaks aren’t nearly as bad as others. But if your vehicle is leaking any kind of fluid, don’t keep driving it and hope it will just go away. Find the problem early and you can stop it from getting worse. That will also help protect other parts of your vehicle, especially the parts that rely on the fluid that’s leaking.

Keep An Eye on Your Oil Levels

Your vehicle uses a lot of fluids and anyone of them could spring a leak, including oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant/antifreeze, steering fluid, and even water. Arguably the most concerning leak is an oil leak. Without the right amount of oil, your engine your engine parts will eventually stop working properly. The lack of sufficient fluid causes friction and grinding, and that’s when you end up with major repairs.

Common Oil Leak Causes

There are a lot of reason your engine might start to leak, but there are also several services you can get that will help prevent leak from starting. Plus, when you find a fluid leak early, you can stop the problem before it gets worse. You might even prevent an oil leak before it starts. For example, your oil pan and gaskets play a big a role in oil performance. The gaskets keep the oil from escaping the pan, as well as the engine block. The oil pan holds oil until the engine needs it.

Oil pans can develop leaks as the age. Gaskets can also wear out over time, and oil starts seeping out. It might start small, but it will get worse over time. Additionally, if a gasket gets fitted wrong or is too tight or loose, or the oil pan is installed improperly, oil will leak from the pan. An improperly fitted oil filter could also cause a leak.

Defective or warn valve seals and rings are other common causes for oil leaks. When these parts get damaged or wear out, it can cause oil leaks. You may never see the oil on the ground, but while you drive oil will leak. If the leak gets big enough it usually spills onto other parts of your engine, causing a burnt oil smell.

Downey Oil Changes and Oil Leak Repair

If it’s time for an oil change, or you have a leak, please come see us at our Downey, CA auto repair shop. At Glenn’s Auto Repair, we service every major vehicle make and model. And whenever your vehicle needs an oil change, make sure you get a professional job every time.

Oil changes are one of the most basic, and yet most important services your vehicle needs. In fact, they might be the most important. So, don’t skimp on your oil changes. Get them done regularly. You’ll be glad you did. And as you see a leak of any kind, then come see us as soon as possible. Leaks don’t get better left unattended. But they do get worse.

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