Does Your Car Have Brake Problems – Downey Auto Repair

Does Your Car Have Brake Problems – Downey Auto Repair

Every part of your vehicle plays a key role in its performance and safety. But your brakes are high on the list when it comes to safe driving. Obviously, it would not be smart to take your vehicle on the road with brakes that don’t work properly. When your brakes work you don’t give them much thought. But when they start to act up and make loud noises or feel soft or vibrate when you press the pedal, you notice the difference.

Screeching brakes are definitely annoying, but a little screeching sound doesn’t mean brake failure is imminent. But there are some brake problems that are lot more serious, and you shouldn’t wait to address them.


Don’t Ignore These Serious Brake Problems

Brakes can go bad for several reasons. Here are five things you should never ignore.

Spongy brake pedals – if your brake pedal feels squishy, and doesn’t give you much resistance, or it pushes all the way to the floor, this is a serious problem. You need to slow your vehicle and get off the road. Hopefully they still work enough to stop. Once you are off the road and stopped, you need to safely get your vehicle into our Downey CA auto repair shop as soon as possible.


Brake fluid is leaking – another brake problem to never ignore is leaking brake fluid. When your brake fluid is low, there’s not enough pressure on the calipers, which prevents you from stopping safely. If you notice this issue, get your brakes checks ASAP.


Vehicle pulls to one side – if you feel your vehicle pull to one side when you brake, it could indicate a warped rotor, or a stuck caliper. This is different than your vehicle pulling to one side wile you’re driving. That is caused by poor wheel alignment. But when your car pulls when you apply the brakes, your brakes need some work sooner rather than later.


Brakes smell hot or smokey – brakes don’t usually put off a smell when you use them. So, if you smell something hot, like a chemical smell or burning rubber, your brakes might be overheating. When brakes overheat, they can fail, which means you won’t be able to stop. If you smell your brakes don’t ignore it.


Brake light warning comes on – dashboard warning lights are always alarming. That’s what they are for. If your ABS or brake light comes on, then the computer has detected an issue with the vehicle’s brake system. It could be several things, but you won’t know for sure without running a diagnostic test. So, if the brake warning light comes on, then please come see us at Glenn’s Auto Repair in Downey so we can figure it out and get it fixed.


Get Your Brakes Checked at Glenn’s Auto Repair in Downey

We all know how important brakes are. It’s a no-brainer. So, if your vehicle has any of these issues, please come see us to get them inspected. Your safety might depend on it. Don’t wait. Please make an appointment today and let Glenn’s Auto Service get you back on the road safely and quickly.

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