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Do I Need to Take Care of My Wheel Bearings – Downey Auto Repair

What’s the most important part of your vehicle? That’s kind of a trick question, because you need every part functioning right to get the best performance from your car, truck, crossover, van, or SUV. Obviously, that includes the engine, transmission, starter, fuel system, wheels, tires, brakes, and everything else. For example, your wheels old your tires in place and allow you to turn your vehicle.

Most people think of how nice wheels look and don’t give much thought about what function they play. However, your wheels have several parts, not just the fancy design that you see on the outside of the car. Each of these parts are integral in your wheels and car’s performance.

For example, what would happen if you didn’t have wheel bearings. Your drive would be horrible. So, your bearings need to work correctly and be in good shape for them to function together with the other parts of the wheel. The bearings also help keep you safe because they enable your wheels to turn where you need to go.

Top Signs of Worn Bearings

If your wheel bearings break or wear out the difference will be noticeable. You might see uneven wear on your tires and/or brakes. That can make driving risky, and you could end up getting into an accident.

A loud noise near your tires is another sign your bearings have issues. If you hear a grinding or whining sound that gets louder the more you accelerate, don’t ignore it. Get your bearings checked out as soon as you can.

Another warning sign that your wheel bearings are bad is steering wheel vibration. You will feel this when you turn and as you accelerate. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, then don’t wait to bring your car into our Downey auto repair shop. Your bearings probably need to be replaced. They likely don’t have much life left.

Wheel Bearing Care in Downey

So how do you take care of your wheel bearings? The best thing to do is simply take care of your vehicle and be a careful driver. Don’t run into curbs and avoid potholes. Drive carefully and defensively, and not aggressively. The harder you drive your vehicle, the quicker it will wear out.

Getting your wheel bearings serviced by our experienced mechanics is also a good idea. You should also strongly consider repacking your open-type wheel bearings about every 30,000 miles. This consists of removing the separate parts from the bearings, then flushing and cleaning them. After that, we add fresh lubricant before reinstalling them. If you have sealed bearings, inspect them every 30,000 miles.

Wheel Bearing Repair in Downey, CA

Although your bearings probably don’t get much attention, they are very important. Your wheels couldn’t function properly without them. So, it’s important to have your wheel bearings inspected and serviced to be sure they are in good shape.

So, whenever and wherever you drive in Downey, CA be sure that every component of your wheels is working right, even your wheel bearings. If it’s been a while since your bearings were serviced or checked, or you’ve noticed your wheels don’t turn easily, then it might be time to check the bearings.

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