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Diagnosing a Mechanical Problem- Downey Auto Repair

With every passing year auto technology continues to get more advanced. New cars these days all have sophisticated computers that help in so many ways. Simply put, this new generation of cars is amazing. All these advances in auto technology are very nice for drivers and they can make caring for your vehicle much easier. However, even with all the ongoing advancements, cars still have to be regularly maintained because they have so many mechanical components that wear out and break down.

And in some cases, those fancy computer based diagnostic tools can’t pinpoint mechanical problems. So, what happens when a diagnostic tool can’t determine a specific mechanical problem? Thankfully, our ASE certified technicians have other ways to figure out car problems. The following “tools” are a few of the “tricks” they use.

Standard Diagnostic Tools in Downey

Movements and Vibrations – mechanics spend a lot of time around cars. They also drive them a lot, so they recognize when something doesn’t feel right. One of the best ways to diagnose mechanical problems is to simply take a car for a drive and see how it feels. Our Downey mechanics take your vehicle for a test drive and feel for any unusual vibrations or movements. If your vehicle has any shaking issues, they will find what’s causing it. It could be your steering, the transmission, the suspension, or even bad wheel alignment or worn tires.

Furthermore, worn brake pads and/or rotors cause vibrating or shaking, as well. So, if you notice any unusual shakes or vibrations when you drive or brake, please don’t wait to contact us. Bring your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto Service. We’ll take it for a spin, which will help determine the cause of the shaking.

Strong Odors – another trick mechanics use to diagnose a mechanical problem is their sense of smell. You might say our ASE certified technicians have a nose for car trouble. In other words, if your vehicle is putting off a bad smell, that’s a sign of trouble. The foul odors could be coming from several spots, including burning oil or the exhaust. It could also be the smell of gas, or possibly the smell of burning rubber.

Whatever the odor, our technicians use their sense of smell to determine what it is, where it’s coming from, and how to fix it.

Strange Sounds and Noises – the hearing test is another way to determine a mechanical issue. Our mechanics’ ears are trained to listen carefully to, and diagnose, strange and unusual sounds. Our ASE certified technicians listen for any weird clangs, knocks, squeaks, or other loud or annoying noises. If your vehicle is making any of those sounds, it’s a warning sign that something is wrong. And more often than not, those types of sounds come from mechanical issues.

For example, when your car makes squeaking noises whenever you turn, your suspension could have an issue. If you notice grinding or a squeaking sound when you brake, your pads, rotors, and/or drums might need to be replaced. Popping or clicking sounds are another problem that can be determined by sound. If you have a bad belt, for example, then you will likely hear these types of sounds. Whatever the noise may be, if it’s not something you are used to hearing then don’t wait to get it checked out. It could get much worse if you don’t address it.

Affordable Downey Auto Repair Shop

If your vehicle is having any kind of mechanical issue, try to use your senses to figure it out. If you can’t determine the problem on your own, don’t worry. Many of these issues take a trained technician to diagnose. So, if you can’t figure out what’s wrong, then bring your car into our Downey auto repair shop. We have the right tools and experience to correctly diagnose the issue and repair it.

If you’re looking for the right service and repairs for your vehicle in Downey, then please call us at 562-359-4232 to schedule your next service. You can also schedule an appointment with us online by clicking here. We are your trusted Downey, CA auto repair shop for all services and repairs on all makes and models, including:

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