Are All-Season Tires Good in the Winter – Downey Auto Repair

Are All-Season Tires Good in the Winter – Downey Auto Repair

Most drivers in the Downey area probably don’t give their tires too much thought when the seasons change. After all, things stay pretty calm here in our part of the country. However, there are certain advantages to using seasonal tires. If nothing else, it helps preserve each set of tires longer.

Most people in the Downey area don’t use winter tires. In fact, most drivers just stick with their all-season tires year-round. Winter tires are a good investment if you do plan to drive in wintery conditions. However, not every driver in the Downey area can afford to buy an extra set of tires just for the winter.

The good news is all-season tires are made to work in all road conditions and in all kinds of temperatures. But as versatile as they are, many all-season tires don’t have the same traction as snow tires.


Lack of Traction During Winter

Yes, all-season tires are good for a lot of conditions, but the truth is they perform better in warm, dry weather, than in wet and cold conditions. The biggest difference is in their traction. In fact, according to Popular Mechanics, all-season tires don’t meet the same safety levels in wintery driving conditions.

The research from Popular Mechanics included comparison tests on identical vehicles. It compared all-season tires and snow tires. According to the tests, winter tires easily outdid the all-season tires in driving on snow and ice. That’s not to say the all-season tires were terrible. But they just can’t match the traction and stability offered by winter tires. The results were same for both FWD and AWD vehicles.


Winter Tires Are the Best Choice for Winter

And according to Popular Mechanics, the biggest difference occurred during braking and cornering. During testing, winter tires improved the performance of the vehicle by as much as 5 percent and 20 percent, respectively. All-season tires are a good option for year-round driving, but if your winter driving includes slick or wet conditions, then winter tires are the better option.

That being said, the best way to stay safe on the roads during winter, and really any other time of year, is to maintain save driving habits. That’s true no matter what type of vehicle you drive, or which kind of tires you use. So, be smart and cautious on the roads.


Should You Buy Winter Tires?

We know safety is important and we also know people live on a budget. That’s why we offer excellent auto repair and service at an affordable price. If you need any kind of auto repair in Downey CA, then come see us at Glenn’s Auto Service.

If you do need winter tires, we can steer you in the right direction, and if you need to switch out your all-season tires for your winter ones, or vise-versa, we can do that for you with ease. Whatever service you need, we work to make you as safe on the road as possible, so please come see us at Glenn’s Auto Service for your next service or repair.

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