Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection for Your Vehicle

Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection for Your Vehicle – Downey Auto Repair Buying a car is usually exciting, especially if it’s a brand-new car. It does take some work, of course. You have to search for the right car, and you might have to do some price haggling. But when you drive away with the car you want, it feels pretty good. Whether you buy a brand-new car or a used vehicle that’s “new” to you, getting a good, reliable car is always the most important thing. Obviously, when you buy a new car, it’s a safe bet that it will be in good shape. Even if it’s not the highest quality manufacturer, it is still brand new, so it should be reliable for a few years at least. On the other hand, when you buy a used vehicle, there are usually no guarantees. That’s why getting an affordable pre-purchase vehicle inspection is a really good idea.   Trusted Downey, CA Vehicle Inspection What does this service include? When you find a vehicle you lik ... read more

Get Your Vehicle Smog Check - Downey Auto Service

Get Your Vehicle Smog Check - Downey Auto Service With all the push to take care of environment and to save gas at the pump, carmakers continue to produce cleaner and more energy efficient vehicles. That’s welcome news. However, any car that uses gas is always going to produce at least some emissions. Emissions have greatly improved in newer vehicles, but they do still produce smog and the environment must still be protected. That’s why cars need to be tested. Additionally, most older cars don’t come with sophisticated engine technologies, so they produce a lot more smog than newer cars. But either way, if you own a car, crossover, truck, van or SUV, you will need to have a smog check. But as long as you take care of your vehicle, this should be an easy test to pass.   Downey, CA Smog Check Service When you bring your vehicle into our Downey auto repair shop for a smog check we find any problems and take care of the entire p ... read more


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Get Your Vehicle Cleaned up in Downey CA

Is your car putting off some bad “vibes” like a stinky teenage boy after basketball practice? Cars aren’t supposed to smell like roses, but they shouldn’t stink either. Have you noticed a foul smell from your car? It might be a musty or moldy smell, or something else. But whatever it is no one wants to drive a stinky car. Keeping your vehicle clean can be difficult, and some people use their vehicles as an extra closet. But if you’re not careful, your car can get cluttered up. That’s the perfect recipe for bad smells. Sometimes, bad smells come from your car, not because of anything you’ve done. Cars do put off bad odors sometimes and they aren’t always easy to identify. If that’s happening with your vehicle, you should get it checked out by a professional auto mechanic in Downey as soon as you can. On the other hand, if the odors are present just because your car needs a good cleaning from old food wrappers, or smelly gym clothe ... read more

Auto Repair in Downey - What’s Wrong with My Exhaust?

Auto Repair in Downey - What’s Wrong with My Exhaust? Although you might not give it a second thought, your vehicle’s exhaust system plays one of the most important factors in your car’s performance. The exhaust system consists of several parts, and they have to work together for your car to function properly. If anything goes wrong with one of these parts, the entire system can suffer, and your vehicle will not perform right.   Common Problems with the Exhaust SystemAn Exhaust Leak – one of the most common issues with exhaust systems is a leak. If you drive in rough conditions your exhaust system will suffer more wear and tear than in normal driving conditions. Over time, these harsh conditions cause weak areas in your system, which makes it susceptible to holes and cracks. When exhaust leaks, the gases and fumes can escape into your vehicle’s cabin, which is obviously not a good thing. Get your ... read more

Why Is My Car Accelerating Poorly - Downey Auto Service

Why Is My Car Accelerating Poorly - Downey Auto Service No matter where you’re headed or how fast you drive, you expect a certain amount of power from your car when you press on the gas pedal. The right amount of power is important and not just for speed. Your safety also depends on it. For example, when you need to pass someone on the freeway, or you have to merge into fast-moving traffic, or you want to climb a steep hill, you need the right amount of power to do it. If you can’t accelerate properly, your safety might at risk. What about your car, has been having trouble accelerating?   How Your Car Accelerates For your motor to accelerate properly, it has to produce the necessary power. That means the right amount of air and fuel must be compressed and ignited in the combustion chamber. The exhaust heads outside through the tailpipe. When this process has an issue, your vehicle can’t fully accelerate.   Comm ... read more

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