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How Often Should I Change My Fuel Filter?

Downey Auto Repair - How Often Should I Change My Fuel Filter?


Unless you drive an all-electric car, you need gasoline to operate your vehicle. To get clean gas to your engine it has to travel there via the fuel filter. That’s why your fuel filter is so important. If dirty fuel is being sent to your engine, you will notice a decline in performance. The fuel filter also helps protect your vehicle’s fuel injectors. Like any other part of your car, the fuel filter gets old, and you must replace it.


As they get older, fuel filters get full of engine debris and eventually they can clog. That prevents fuel from passing through the filter to the engine. This will disrupt your engine. Obviously, without gas your car won’t even start. So, it goes without saying that your entire fuel system needs to work correctly, including the fuel filter. That brings us to the next question: how often do you typically need change the fuel filter?


When to Replace Your Fuel Filter


The general rule for most cars is to replace the fuel filter every two years or every 30,000 miles. Newer vehicles can go longer in between replacements, but to be sure, check your owner’s manual or bring your car into Glenn’s Auto Service. We’ll run a fuel pressure test, which will show how much PSI your pump is creating at the fuel rail. In most cases, it should be in the range of 30-60 PSI. if the pressure is lower than that, then your fuel filter is likely bad.


If you’re driving with a bad fuel filter you will see a difference in your vehicle’s overall performance. And you shouldn’t ignore it. If you do, then eventually you’ll end up on the side of road somewhere.


Signs to Watch for


If you can’t get a fuel pressure test soon, there are some other signs to look for.


  • Your vehicle has a hard time staying cranked
  • Your engine sputters or dies when you try accelerating
  • Your engine won’t idle smoothly
  • Your vehicle won’t start
  • Your vehicle has less power
  • Your gas mileage is decreasing
  • The check engine light turns on


If your car is doing any of these things, then don’t wait to get it checked out. Waiting to replace a bad fuel filter will only make it get worse and cause further problems. At Glenn’s Auto Service, we’ll get you the right fuel filter with professional installation. We also make sure your car runs smoothly again. A bad fuel filter could cause serious damage to your engine, so don’t wait to replace it.


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If you need your fuel filter replaced or your vehicle needs any other service or repair, Glenn’s Auto Service is your most trusted and reliable auto repair shop in Downey, CA. Our ASE Certified mechanics have the knowledge and experience to take care of your vehicle the right way. So please come see us in Downey today.


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