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You know that lousy feeling when your car suddenly stalls and you’re right in the middle of traffic? It’s a very helpless and frustrating feeling. You rely on your car every day, so you don’t want to be driving around wondering if you are going to be able to get where you’re headed. Driving with that uncertain feeling is no way to live. You need to have confidence in your vehicle.

So, if you’ve noticed your vehicle has been stalling lately, then don’t wait to get it into Glenn’s Auto Service for a diagnosis. The alternative might be getting stuck in the middle of the freeway during rush hour with a stalled vehicle. That’s the last thing you want to have happen.

Top Reasons Your Engine Keeps Stalling

So why is your car stalling and what can be done about it? There are numerous reasons your car, truck, crossover, or SUV can stall. These are some the typical causes.

Bad oxygen or mass flow sensors – these important sensors determine how much oxygen enters your vehicle’s fuel system. They also help your vehicle adjust the air-to-fuel ratio. If your car doesn’t have the correct amount of oxygen, it will have diminished power. It might run okay when you’re driving, but as your car slows down the power levels will drop, which leads to stalling.

Low fuel pressure – there are numerous things that can wrong with your car’s fuel system that can cause stalling. For example, if your fuel injectors or fuel pump go bad, that leads to lower fuel pressure and that leads to stalling. You won’t notice anything different while your driving, but whenever you slow down, the engine will stammer.

Transmission is failing – another very common cause of engine stall is a bad transmission. Most vehicles use an automatic transmission, which utilizes a torque converter. When your torque converter isn’t working right, you could end up with low transmission fluid. When that happens, it leads to stalling whenever you slow down.

Faulty wiring – bad wiring is another common source of stalling. If you have any loose or worn-out wires, this can cause inconsistent firing during ignition. That will almost always cause your engine to stall. If your wires don’t have a constant connection with the ignition circuit, then your vehicle’s engine will lose power quickly. As soon as you slow down, the engine will stall.

Bad idle air control actuator – the idle air control actuator controls your car’s RPM when you idle. The electronic control unit send information to the actuator, which uses that information to keep your vehicle running at the right RPMs during idle. So, when the actuator malfunctions, the engine stops running because it no longer receives the necessary signal.

Let Glenn’s Auto Service Fix Your Stalling Issue

If you’re tired of driving a stalling vehicle, then it’s time to get your car into Glenn’s Auto Repair. Our ASE Certified technicians will diagnose the problem and repair it. We always get your vehicle back to you as quickly and safely as we can. But we never take short cuts or charge you for repairs you don’t need.

Please give us a call today at 562-359-4232 or click here to make an appointment online. Contact us today to get reliable auto repair and maintenance in Downey, CA. Every time!

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