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How Often Should You Change Your Antifreeze? Downey Auto Mechanic

When you live in California, you might not worry about your antifreeze too often. But it does get cold at night during the winter months and this fluid is very important to help protect your engine. Antifreeze also works as coolant because it helps keep your engine from overheating, whatever the temperature is outside. So, this fluid is important no matter what time of year it is.

So just how vital is your antifreeze to your vehicle? For your car, truck, crossover, or SUV to run smoothly every part or fluid needs to be working correctly, including your antifreeze. If your cooling system fails, it could lead to engine failure. So, in other words, it’s very important to get your vehicle’s antifreeze/coolant changed regularly by an experienced Downey, CA auto mechanic, and to make sure it’s always topped off at the right level.

Top Signs Your Antifreeze Needs Service

If you haven’t had this service done in a while, there are some signs to look for that indicate it’s time to change your antifreeze. The first sign of trouble is often an overheated engine. If your temperature gauge indicates that your vehicle is running hotter than normal, then you likely need to change your antifreeze.

Another common sign of trouble is a vehicle that has a hard time starting during the winter. If you experience either of these problems, then now is a good time to bring your vehicle into Glenn’s Auto Service and have our Downey auto mechanics a take a look. We’ll check your fluid level to make sure you have enough antifreeze in your cooling system. We’ll also make sure it’s clean and working properly.

There are a few other signs to look for that could mean you need to change your antifreeze, including:

Your vehicle puts off the smell of antifreeze when you drive or after you drive
You notice a burning smell while you drive
The bright neon green fluid from your silicate antifreeze looks dark green instead
If you use extended coolant, the gold or orange fluid is dark

Any one of these signs is a strong indication that your antifreeze is old or dirty and it needs to be changed. So, what if you don’t see any of these common signs, but your antifreeze levels keep getting low? You need to get your radiator checked for leaks. Be sure to check your fluid level before you drive and if it’s below the fill line, then add some fluid. If you continue to have this problem regularly, you should have your radiator inspected.

When Should You Change Your Antifreeze?

In most cases, you should get your cooling system flushed and your antifreeze replaced about every 30,000 miles, or every two years. But always check the owner’s manual for your vehicle specific instructions. But at the very least, it’s wise to check your coolant/antifreeze twice a year. This is a pretty sure way to avoid any major problems with your cooling system.

Flush Your Coolant at Glenn’s Auto Service in Downey, CA

If you’re not sure of the last time you had your antifreeze changed, then now is a good time for a checkup. We’re not done with the cold winter nights just yet, in Downey, so having the right amount of antifreeze is very important. You also want to be sure it’s clean to avoid any gunky buildup.

You could try to change your antifreeze on your own, but it can be a big job. Flushing your old fluid can get messy and without the right pressurized equipment, it’s hard to do a complete job. You could just avoid the hassle and contact Glenn’s Auto Service instead. 

We’ll flush your radiator, add new fluid, and get you back on the road, as safely and quickly as possible. You can always trust our ASE certified Downey auto mechanics at Glenn’s Auto Service with every one of your auto repair needs. Please give us a call at 562-359-4232, or click here to set up an appointment online, if you need any kind of auto repair in Downey CA.

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